Clean Energy and Environmental Innovation

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Petrolinvest firmly believes in the limitless potential of
renewable energy assets, focusing on wind, solar, waste and hydro projects. Our experience in conceptualizing
and executing complex industrial facilities helps clients create the reliable energy sources of the future.

Adding Value Through Better Collaboration

We apply strict value engineering processes and strong project management principles to focus and to exceed our clients’ expectations. Contact us to find out how we can cooperate in your next clean energy project. Our services include:

Hydroelectric power plants
Waste to energy
Wind power station
Energy efficiency improvements
Solar power system


| INA |


Oil Separator

Scope: EPC - Detailed design, procurement of equipment and material, fabrication, FAT, and delivery of a Three Phase Oil Separator

Address: Rijeka, Croatia

Customer: INA

End User: INA - Industrija nafte d.d

| INA |


RON 100

Scope: Detailed Design

Address: Rijeka, Croatia

Customer: INA

End User: INA Industija nafte d.d

| Nis |


Package Unit for Glycol Regeneration

Scope: EPC

Customer: Nis

End User: Nis

| Azikel Petroleum Limited |

Azikel Petroleum Limited

PMC for Azikel Refinery

Scope: PMC Services

Customer: Azikel Petroleum Limited

End User: Azikel Petroleum

| Sonatrach |


Hassi R’mel – Three Vapor Condensation Systems

Scope: EPC - Three Vapor Condensation Systems at the Glycol Regeneration Units MPP2, MPP3 & MPP4

Customer: Sonatrach

End User: Sonatrach

| INA |


Process furnaces design

Scope: PMC services & design

Address: Rijeka, Croatia

Customer: INA

End User: INA - Industrija nafte d.d

| SOC |


High priority survey – Iraq

Scope: PMC services

Address: Fallujah, Iraq

Customer: SOC

End User: South oil company Iraq

| Modrica Lube Oil Refinery |

Modrica Lube Oil Refinery

Heating System & Station

Scope: design

Address: Rijeka, Croatia

Customer: Modrica Lube Oil Refinery

End User: rafinerija ulja modrica

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