Founded in 1969, by Technip, Petrolinvest – an engineering procurement construction company headquartered in
Bosnia – has built its reputation among leaders in the energy sector with its long-standing experience in engineering,
design, and construction of industrial process plants. Today, Petrolinvest has branch offices in: Croatia, Algeria, UAE,
Iraq & Lebanon and representative offices in many more locations in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

A Partnership for the Future

Our commitment to collaborate with our partners is instrumental. With the active support of Technip and PI
Lebanon, PI is able to target more opportunities and deliver more through a strict value engineering
processes and strong project management.

Founded by Technip

For more than 50 years, Technip developed consistent know-how in building monumental engineering projects in more than 45 countries, demonstrating its ability to anticipate and adapt to ever-changing market trends and customer expectations. As part of Technip Group, PI shares the values and can access the resources from the whole Technip team.

Headed to the Future with PI Lebanon

PI Lebanon is a specialized EPC company servicing major Oil & Gas, water and Power companies in the middles east and Africa.
With strong yearly growth and continuous regional expansion PI Lebanon has become a leading player in the Water, Power, Oil and gas industries.


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